KATSURAGI Hotel Kitanomaru | Fukuroi-City Shizuoka-Prefecture | Luxurious Japanese Architecture



Traditional Aesthetics and Modern Sensibilities Reflect the Best of Japan

Once known as the land of Totomi, the Enshu region of western Shizuoka Prefecture embraces both the history and culture of Japan. At the heart of this fabled region stands the distinctive Katsuragi Hotel Kitanomaru, an extraordinary modern-day Japanese castle created and developed by the Yamaha Group.

This is exquisitely Japanese; a standard you may have never experienced before. It was created from a historical home built long ago by skilled craftsmen and transported to this site. With attention to every detail, it has been transformed into a facility that combines traditional Japanese aesthetic ideals with discreet modern conveniences, creating a destination of unrivaled luxury and comfort.

This is the Japan from which Yamaha arose, and we are delighted to be able to share this sensibility and culture with others. Relax your body and mind amidst the peaceful beauty of an extraordinary resort in every season. We look forward to welcoming you into the incomparable experience that is Katsuragi Kitanomaru.

Tranquil Surroundings Refresh the Inner Self


Kitanomaru is surrounded by mountains and enveloped in a peaceful tranquility. Its tiled roofs and ‘Enshu Kawara’ design evoke a feeling of timelessness. Inside, the graceful natural shapes of ancient trees and timber support the structure, and the corridors are paved with quince wood bricks. The spirit of both modern and traditional Japan is expressed in the exquisite art and décor at every turn.

This is a place where nostalgia for days long past can renew your strength and determination for the future. Come refresh your mind and spirit in this atmosphere of peace and rejuvenation.


Soft Curves that Ease the Mind

As you step into the room, you are welcomed by the sight of thick curved beams, beautiful woodgrain fixtures and the soft glow of perfectly polished wooden surfaces. This is a complete and harmonious space that combines woods of various types, ages and individualities. Their soft, natural curves are not only beautiful to see. They smooth and soothe the sharp edges of your mind.

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    Enjoy the time of quietness and the peaceful compromisation between East and West.​

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    The hospitality with nostalgic warmness, images like trees.​

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    The Beauty of traditional Japanese architectural, stays everywhere.​

  • ROOM4

    Shiraki (the Japanese white wood) emphasize the Japanese-style, and the fine quality interior within the room.​


Nourishing the Senses with Nature

Over its forty year history, Kitanomaru has been beloved by guests as a place to relax, and enriched by these encounters as well. In 2002, World Cup soccer coach Philippe Troussier called it “a place where samurai can rest both physically and mentally,” bringing his players here to restore their spirits. Our ‘omotenashi’ hospitality envelopes everything from the external appearance to cozy living spaces and lush gardens and flowers. Some of the most treasured memories involve our cuisine, created with skill and heart from locally collected seasonal

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Relaxation Soothes the Soul

The warmth and softness of wood. Peaceful silence and harmony. Nature that imbues all of your senses. A profound and refined sense of hospitality in every way, bringing an extraordinary respite from the rigors of daily life. Our bathing places are no exception. Immerse yourself in a bath that faces a beautiful bamboo garden. Take an open-air bath that evokes a sense of unlimited expansiveness. Or experience a mist sauna that gently envelopes the entire body. These are among the great pleasures of Kitanomaru.