Traditional Aesthetics and Modern Sensibilities Echo the Finest in Legendary Japanese Living

Once known as Totomi, one of the original provinces of Japan, the Enshu region of western Shizuoka Prefecture embraces the intersection of Japanese history and culture. At the heart of this fabled region stands the distinctive Katsuragi Hotel Kitanomaru. Created and developed by the Yamaha Group, this modern-day Japanese stronghold offers an extraordinary space in which to refresh and renew the human spirit from the demands of everyday life.

This is Japan at its best, at a standard you may never have experienced before. It was born from the structure of an historical home, built by skilled craftsmen long ago and transported to this site. With attention to every detail, it has now been transformed into a place that combines traditional Japanese aesthetic ideals with discreet modern conveniences, creating a destination of unrivaled luxury and comfort.

This is the Japan from which Yamaha arose. A Japan of carefully honed sensitivity and culture that we are delighted to be able to bring to others. Relax your body and your mind amidst the peaceful beauty of an extraordinary four-season resort. We look forward to welcoming you into the incomparable experience that is Katsuragi Kitanomaru.

FACILITY Soft Lines and Gentle Curves Relax and Refresh the Inner You


Kitanomaru is surrounded by mountains and enveloped in peace and quiet. Its tiled roofs and ‘Enshu Kawara’ design evoke a feeling of timelessness. Inside, the graceful curves of old trees and timbers support the structure, including corridors paved with quince wood bricks, while exquisite art and handicrafts found throughout convey the spirit of a Japan both old and new.

This is a space where nostalgic feelings of bygone days give rise to new strength and determination for the days ahead. Come refresh your mind and spirit in this rarefied atmosphere of peace and rejuvenation.